Our Approach

Our Approach

ISpeakLondon offers a fun creative way to help you learn a new language by taking you out of the classroom – you join a tour about your local area in the language you study and will meet learners of all abilities to exchange on a topic of your interest.

Our Story

Our Story

ISpeakLondon exists to bring London alive in creative ways, its vitality depends on the talents of the tour guides and the linguists who will design and facilitate the walking tours as an unique experience combining culture, entertainment and education.

Meet the Team

Our guides


Laure Thomas

French for learners Walks

Laure, a French native, is a City of London guide-lecturer. She moved in London in 2015 and immediately fell for its eclecticism and vitality!


Rhys Thomas

English for learners walks

Rhys is a City of London guide lecturer and a Blue Badge guide student. He spends most of his time leaving London...for a day with international guests and visitors. He is very happy when he gets the chance to stay in town and share his passion for theatre.


Timothy Barrett

German for learners walks

Timothy is a linguist and is passionate about encouraging people to take up and grow confidence in foreign languages.

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