Speak a different language

Have you ever learnt a language at school, or as an extra curriculum activity to drop it as soon as you are out of the classroom?

Speak louder

Use it in a conversation-walk with the friendly support of our guide and meet other people also interested by that language!

Speak London

You will learn more about the great city of London and what's happening there!


What's a conversation-walk?

I SPEAK LONON walking tours are designed to facilitate and encourage conversation between the participants to hone your skills, and why not, make few friends in the process.

Before the tour, you will receive an invite to download the I SPEAK LONDON companion app to the walk. There will be vocabulary and question prompt to help you prepare and to support you during the tour.

What happens in a conversation-walk?

Each tour takes two hours and includes

  • A 90 minutes walk in Inner London
  • A 30 minutes conversation time and drink at a partner venue

Next Steps...

Find out more about our walks to start a conversation!